Types of Carriers (descriptions)



-closed sewn fabric with a curve on one side to form a pouch

-some versions can make minor adjustments in length, but most nonadjustable

-pouch good for only one size of wearer

-the bottom of the pouch should sit around the wearer’s bellybutton

ring sling

Ring Sling

-length of fabric threaded through rings on one end

-padded and unpadded shoulders and sides

-open tail (as pictured) and closed tail (the end is sewn together to form a fat rope like tail)

-many different styles of shoulders

-adjustable for different sized wearers



-long length of fabric, from 2m – 7m, that is wrapped around baby and wearer

-wraps can be woven, stretchy, or hemmed sturdy fabric

Soft Structured Carrier

SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) or Mei Tai

-backpack-like form, two adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable hip strap

-no metal frame

-some styles have clipped shoulder straps for more carrying options

-adjustable for different sized wearers

-similar to mei tai, which has four straps (two waist, two shoulder) that are wrapped instead of clipped

How else would you describe these carriers? What other types of carriers have you used?


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