Tummy to Tummy, legs in (text)

The easiest carry to learn is the tummy to tummy, or T2T, position. Baby is in front facing the wearer – hence baby’s tummy is against the wearer’s stomach. Baby can be in the T2T position from birth and older. Newborns, until about three months, may prefer to have their legs tucked into the sling.

Some may not find this comfortable, so try different ways to see what works for you.

T2T, legs in

Place the baby on the shoulder opposite the rings, as if you were to burp him. Notice the legs – tucked up frog like, knees wide to the side of his body and up high.

While holding the baby with one hand, use the hand on the side of the rings to bring up the sling fabric.


Holding the fabric against the baby’s back, use the hand on the side of the rings to bring the bottom edge of the fabric between yourself and baby to create a pouch. Supporting the baby, lower him down into the pouch.


Pull the fabric with the hand opposite the rings tight across your back and to the side of the rings.


Tighten, pulling up and out on the tail. Don’t just pull the whole tail, but also the edges to create a snug but comfortable fit.


A baby’s head should be high enough for you to bend your head to kiss his head. For a newborn, the top rail can be brought up to provide extra support for the head. The rings should be higher, just below the collarbone.





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