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Taking baby out of T2T

While supporting the baby with one hand, lift the top ring with the other hand. Even though supporting him, let the weight of the baby pull the fabric through the rings to loosen. Continue reading

Tummy to Tummy, legs in (text)

The easiest carry to learn is the tummy to tummy, or T2T, position. Baby is in front facing the wearer – hence baby’s tummy is against the wearer’s stomach. Baby can be in the T2T position from birth and older. Newborns, until about three months, may prefer to have their legs tucked into the sling.

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Hip Position (text)

A child is ready for the hip carry after he can sit.

Put on sling and lift baby to the shoulder opposite the rings. In a baby this will be the burp position.

Tuck the child’s legs through the sling, then bring the sling fabric up the child’s back and down the child’s legs.

Supporting the child’s back, bring her knees up until she is sitting in the sling, with her knees higher than her bum, one leg in front and one leg behind you.

Tighten sling while still supporting the child. The child’s bottom should be around your navel, or higher.


Variation: back of the hip

When the child is on your hip and you have an activity that you do not want him to reach, simply swing the child to the back of your hips, behind your arm.

Hip Position (video)

Putting on a sling (text)

Decide which shoulder you want to put the sling on. Hold the sling with the same hand, shoulder part towards yourself.

Slip your opposite arm, shoulder and head through the loop and bring the shoulder piece to rest on the designated shoulder.

The shoulder piece should cap the end of your shoulder, with fabric spread above and below. You can start with the rings a little high, as they tend to lower when putting the baby in and adjusting.

Pull the rails across your back to make sure it is spread out and not twisted.